As this is written in early 1996, I have no reason to doubt that I will be active on the Internet and maintaining my Web pages for another fifty years. On the other hand, I could be hit by a truck tomorrow.

This page is an effort to make sure that my network service projects outlive me, by designating successors to take over as many of them as possible. In many cases there are natural choices among people already associated with the project. In others, people have explicitly volunteered to step in should I become unavailable. By announcing my intentions here, I hope to minimize any continuity and succession problems.

If you're reading this and I'm alive and whole, and you have any kind of special tie to one of my projects, please consider volunteering to be my successor on it. Chances are you won't have to do anything for a good long time.

If you're reading this and have solid reason to believe that I'm out of the game and the designated successors listed here don't know it, please email them all and ask them to re-read this page and take appropriate action.

I designate John Cowan, <> to be my virtual executor. John has the authority to coordinate whatever actions are needed to dispatch my projects into safe hands.

The InterLink software
Ownership may be assumed by Chester County InterLink.
The Jargon File
Editorial rights and privileges, ownership of the Jargon File Resource Page, and the copyright of "The New Hacker's Dictionary", are to revert to Guy Steele <>, or with Guy Steele's consent to John Cowan or a third party agreeable to both.
The Retrocomputing Museum
Curatorial rights and privileges, and ownership of the Museum web page, are to pass to the present co-curator of the Museum, John Cowan <>.
The ncurses project
Please notify the ncurses list <> of my status.
The Neopaganism FAQ
Editorial rights and privileges are to pass to Glen Marshall, <>.
The fetchmail project
Backup maintainers are designated on the fetchmail home page.

All my other projects and FAQs will be up for grabs. If you want to claim control of one, send mail to my virtual executors. They'll arbitrate between conflicting claims, arrange the transfer, and flag the project claimed.

Additional instructions for executors: Please add appropriate notice, pointing to this page, to the top of my home page. Track my condition (my designated next-of-kin is Catherine Olanich Raymond, my wife, who can be reached at or care of the firm of Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen & Young in Philadelphia). If I'm dead, move my pages to one of the Web mausoleums after a suitable period.