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Questions About Archaic Terminals

I maintain the master terminfo/termcap file. I've significantly reorganized and updated it, and am trying to clean up the cobwebs and dust in its neglected corners.

I occasionally post these to comp.terminals and to alt.folklore.computers (the latter because of its high percentage of old-timers).

Questions about Unknown Terminal Types

I'm looking for any information I can get (full name, manufacturer, approximate year of release and/or discontinuance) on the following:

cad68-3|cgc3|cad68 basic monitor transparent mode size 3 chars: cad68-2|cgc2|cad68 basic monitor transparent mode size 2 chars: cdi|cdi1203: This is a printing terminal. cops10: d800|Direct 800/A: ddr|rebus3180|ddr3180|Rebus/DDR 3180 vt100 emulator: I believe "ddr" is "Digital Data Research" delta|dd5000|delta data 5000: I think `Delta Data' was also the mfr name. digilog|333|digilog 333: env230|envision230|envision 230 graphics terminal, mw2|Multiwriter 2: Yes, this is (or was) a printing terminal. plasma|plasma panel: vsc|Signetics Vsc Video driver by RMC, tec400|tec scope: tec500|tec 500: No, these are *not* Tektronix terminals! teletec|Teletec Datascreen: v3220|LANPAR Vision II model 3220/3221/3222: wind: wind16: wind40: wind50: ttyWilliams:

Questions about Vendor Status

  1. I believe Hazeltine, Fortune Systems, Ann Arbor, Harris (the Beehive people) and Soroc are out of business. Can anyone confirm any of these?

  2. Anyone have either Internet or snail addresses, or phone numbers, for the terminal-manufacturing groups at the following corporations?

    Computer Automation, Control Data, Datamedia, IBM, General Terminal Corp., Microterm, Tektronix, Volker-Craig, Masscomp, General Electric, Southwest Technical Products, Cybernex.

You can surf to the new terminfo master from my home page. In case you're viewing these questions through something other than a WWW browser, here is the address for the terminfo master and related resources: If you are knowledgeable about async terminals, especially the older varieties, please look over the terminfo file and the UFO file with this in mind.

Please email me any corrections or comments you have.

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