Supporting the Manifesto

You can show support on your web pages with the following buttons linking back to the Manifesto page. First, for Javascript-capable browsers, this one:

Click to Read

To include it, paste in the following:

<script language="JavaScript">
function swtchon(nav){document[nav].src=""};
function swtchoff(nav){document[nav].src=""};	
<a href="">
<img name="aim" width=100 height=40 border=0 
onMouseover="swtchon('aim')" onMouseout="swtchoff('aim')" 
alt="Click to Read" title="Click to Read"/></a></p>

Here's a static button:

To include this, paste in the following:

<img name="aim-thumb-button.png" border=0

If you're here by accident, you can read some background. The Manifesto itself is here.

Eric S. Raymond <>