If you are reading this, you probably objected to my use of the phrase cooler-than-thou art fags on the HTML Hell page..

I learned the phrase from my brother, an art student, who reports that heterosexual art students use it of each other without any intended offense to gays.

You may be thinking of objecting to it or asking me to change it. If so, you have an excessive case of political correctness, aka offensensitivity. My suggestion to you is: get over yourself.

I am offended by people who try to change or control my language in the name of anybody's victimology theory or identity politics. Therefore, you will get nowhere asking me to change it -- in fact, I have come to regard retaining it as a free-speech issue.

If this still bothers you, don't bother denouncing me as a homophobe or with any of the other handy slurs people routinely use in Orwellian efforts to try to manipulate common vocabulary for political gain. I know I'm not one -- and if you try to stuff me in that box, I will simply write you off as an idiot.

Have a nice day.