Release 8.0: Atlanta Linux Expo, 13 Oct 1999

Back to the 1.0 venue, with a tradition to uphold. This time it was Hot Shots in Marietta with about eight of us -- including my wife Cathy, at ALS to drum up business for her law firm. Tim Smith, the local organizer, had made up some special targets...facsimiles of the Microsoft End-User License Agreement and Microsoft's `Linux Myths' press release.

The most interesting experience of the evening for me was undoubtedly firing a matched pair of 9mm Cougar semis one of the participants had brought along. One had been set up for left-hand firing with ambidextrous safety and magazine releases -- which meant you could fire the pair two-hand. This was rather interesting. It turns out to be quite hard to maintain accuracy in this mode.

Some pictures: Me shooting. Me grinning as I contemplate the ragged hole I blew through the Microsoft seal of authenticity with two clips at 21 feet. The whole gang; Cathy is trying unsuccessfully not to giggle. Our esteemed organizer taking aim at the software reliability problem.