Simple Revision Control

is RCS/SCCS reloaded with a modern UI, designed to manage single-file solo projects kept more than one to a directory. Use it for FAQs, ~/bin directories, config files, and the like. Features integer sequential revision numbers, a command set that will seem familiar to Subversion/Git/hg users, and no binary blobs anywhere.


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The project repository is at

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Recent Changes

1.18: 2018-03-17::
   Fix out-of-order 'revno' assignment when commits share same date.
   'list' & 'log' suppress RFC 822 headers inserted by 'fast-import'.
   'log' gained '-v' verbosity levels to show imported RFC 822 headers.
   'list' & 'log' show author date if in RFC 822 headers rather than committer.
   Improved 'fast-import/export' round-trip fidelity using RFC 822 headers.


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