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Eric's Tengwar modes page

This section of my website is devoted to the Tengwar of Feanor, a beautiful and logical cursive alphabet devised by J.R.R. Tolkien in his fantasy epic "The Lord of the Rings" and further developed in other works.

The Tengwar stimulated my lifelong amateur interest in artificial languages, orthography, philology, phonology, and related fields. I find composing Tengwar modes for various constructed languages an interesting exercise. Here are the results of my work so far.

I wrote my first Tengwar mode in 1994 after bumping into somebody at an SF convention who showed me a mode of Tolkien's Certar (runes) adapted for Esperanto.


My Lojban mode. Resembles, by design, Tolkien's modes for Westron and English. First composed 1994, revised several times since.


A proposed mode for Esperanto, the best-known constructed language. Resembles a Westron mode. First composed in April of 2000.

Soon to come: modes for Volapuk, Klingon, and more!

For more information, see the beautiful and informative site Amanye Tenceli (The Writing Systems of Aman) and its associated links.

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