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7. Recent Changes

Version 1.2: Minor changes to TRL suggested by M. A. Lemburg. Relation fields added to TRL example; corresponds to version 1.12 of the schema. New section on translation from RPMs.

Version 1.3: Separate resource-action fields from resource fields. Dump Refresh-Date, life is much simpler without it. Introduce concept of preamble. This example corresponds to version 1.13 of the schema and the initial version of the TRL parser.

Versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.7: minor editorial changes.

Version 1.7: Action-field renames as suggested by John Cowan. Added Resource-Role field.

Version 1.8: Added Subscribe and Unsubscribe fields.

Version 1.9: TML renamed to TRL to avoid collision with `HTML'

Version 1.10: Submitter field changed to Contributor.

Version 1.11: Document the new `attached' adjective.

Version 1.12: SGML markup fixes.

Version 1.13: Added Person record parsing. Added Rename-To fields.

Version 1.14: Support notification lists in base classes. Added a complete TRL reference.

Version 1.15: Added comparisons with Debian fields and with Dublin Core metadata. Added sections on basic types and contributor workflow. Removed sticky bit, added Fixes-For and Conflicts-With relations and Update-Notes field.

Version 1.16: Minor markup fixes.

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