A lot of people have written me to tell me they enjoy the random quotes that pop up in my email signature, and I've repeatedly been asked to make them available on the Web. So here you go...

You can download the Perl script I use to generate these into my sig here.

You can download the following fortune files here:

liberty (last updated 2003)

Quotes on liberty, mostly from the Founding Fathers of the United States. Here's browseable HTML

rkba (last updated 2002)

Quotes on firearms, the Second Amendment, and the right to keep and bear arms. Here's browseable HTML

steve-wright (last updated 2001)

Zen comedy from Stephen Wright. Here's browseable HTML

esr (last updated 2001)

My own aphorisms on politics, liberty, and philosophy. Here's browseable HTML

misc (last updated 2002)

Various quotes that don't fall into any of the obvious categories above. Here's browseable HTML

I just concatenate them all into one and use it (stripping my name out of the esr file first). You may wish to be more selective.